F@*K Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell Isn't a comedian

I was at a show a few weeks back. I hadn’t gone on stage yet. I was just sitting in the back of the club, watching the opening acts. The comic just got a big laugh from half the audience but some of them didn’t laugh. The comic didn’t say anything offensive. What they said was funny. But some seemed like they didn’t laugh just for the sake of not laughing.

As I walked out of the club to head towards the green room, a woman walked out with me. She didn’t know I was on the show. She just nudged me and said “man, that comic is not funny, right?” I didn’t say anything. Then she added “I’ve never even heard of this comic. They think they can make me laugh? I know comedy. Never heard of that comic.” So I said “so, you have to have heard of the person telling the joke in order to laugh at it? So, if Will Ferrell…” She cuts me off, really excited. “WILL FERRELL! I love Will Ferrell. Elf is the fucking best Christmas movie EVER! And Step Brothers? I can quote the entire thing!” So, I tried again. “So, if Will Ferrell said what the comic in the club just said, you would of laughed?” And she snottily came back with “of course I would. It’s Will Ferrell.”

Fuck Will Ferrell.

As comics, we try to relate to all types. We want to make our jokes universally accepted. We work hard on editing and crafting what we say so it can be crystal clear and understood. We tell it on stage and people who came out to laugh get to laugh. Because of the hard work we put in. But, there is a small group of morons in the world that will only laugh when it is cool to laugh. When tv and social media told them to laugh. They are afraid of the unknown because they are stupid sheep. They will only find you funny if you were in a movie, have a special on Netflix or are Will Fucking Ferrell!

We run into these dopes every day. When you are at your day job and someone finds out you are a comic, they will ask if you are famous. They will ask this because they are a dummy. If you were famous, they would know you. That is how fame works. Then they will ask if you have been movies or if you are a real comic. You will try to explain what it is you do and that most comics aren’t famous or in movies. But they will stop listening and then say “if you like comedy then you must think Talladega Nights is the funniest movie ever, right? If you ain’t first, you’re last! You should say that in your skit. That’s funny. You should say Will Ferrell stuff. He’s funny. I love him”

Most of us will never be Will Ferrell. First of all, he’s not even a fucking comedian. He’s an actor. But you know what I mean. So, worrying about morons like this dopey lady and how to make them laugh or enjoy themselves is pointless. You never will. But what you can focus on is that other side of the club. The ones who appreciate all the hard work you put in. The ones who love what you have created and presented. The ones who are laughing at your bit the way that goofball laughs when Will Ferrell kisses a man in…every movie he is in. Why does he think that is funny? Is he saying being attracted to men is funny? Why hasn’t cancel culture attacked Will Ferrell? They should. (they shouldn’t. I’m kidding)

Who knows, you may convert a few of these dweebs. If they stop worrying about what they are told is funny and allow themselves to enjoy new experiences. You may never be the Will Ferrell they want but you can be the Will Ferrell they deserve.

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