Comedy Feedback

Comics of all levels!

Are you getting frustrated with your current set? Do you feel like your jokes aren’t connecting with the audience the way you feel they should? Is the current clip of your act that you are sending out not getting you gigs? I can help.

Comedians from all over the country have been utilizing my comedy coaching. Here’s how it works: You send me a clip of your act and I break down every single aspect of the clip. I give recommendations on editing, techniques, approaches and set structure along with examples on how to punch up the material, make it relate to all walks of life, adding inflection and body language to enhance the material, shaving off clutter words, brainstorming ideas to get the most out of a premise and much more. You get emailed in depth feedback of your act in 7 days from when the clip and payment were received.

better your act and unlock the potential in your material with my notes, feedback and suggestions. With my comedy coaching advice, you will be armed with the knowledge needed to make your act resonate with audiences like never before.

Clips can be anywhere from 5-20 minutes long. Please send clip of act in its entirety. No edited clips. Cost is $50. Send clip to




AC Cowie (@accowie) Washington DC: I started doing comedy in 2019. I’m a former sportsman and a trainer so I know the importance of a good coach. Pats feedback on my set was invaluable. It really helped my tighten everything up and realize how I can continue to improve. I highly recommend enlisting Pat as coach.Pats book “How Not to Suck at Comedy” is a must have. If you have a friend who is, or wants to be a comic buy it for them. It’s basically a training manual for standup comedy and the title is very modest. By the time I finish the book, I’m pretty sure I won’t suck at comedy.

Kirsten Logan (@Klogcomedy) Rhode Island: When I first started comedy, Pat’s advice really helped me understand how to communicate with an audience, joke structure, and storytelling. it was a huge help and I highly recommend his comedy coaching to any aspiring comedians.
Manny Sierra, Connecticut: I started doing comedy almost two years ago. I had no idea what i was doing. I was always the “funny guy” and decided to try my hand at comedy. I thought i was doing pretty well then sort of hit a wall of not knowing. I was fortunate enough to get put on a show with Pat he was super cool and gave me some tips. It wasn’t until maybe a few weeks later I saw him post about his comedy coaching and I had to jump on it. The way Pat can take a premise and just suck as much funny as possible out of it is insane. He offers you a wealth of knowledge and an insight you can’t get without grinding at this for as lon as he has. He’s helped my stage presence, my confidence, and most importantly my writing. To this day he offers his counsel on new bits or old bits. If you’re thinking about trying comedy for the first time or even wanna fine tune your current material, what are you waiting for? You won’t regret it.
Kristin Carnes (@KristinCarnes2), Indiana: I was a newish comic needing some honest and constructive advice about how to improve my jokes so I sent a clip to Pat Oates.  He not only helped me with my jokes but also gave suggestions on set-ups, act outs, and overall stage presence.  It was incredibly helpful because all of my comedian friends couldn’t separate the person from the comic and Pat was very objective and has the experience to give you a good direction to improve your stand-up. It was totally worth the money for his feedback and I’ve recommended him to my friends too.


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